Bedroom Programme

Microtex a.s. company offers fabrics designed for bed upholstery and fabrics for bedspreads.

1. Fabrics for bed upholstery
Final fabric width: 142 cm, 152 cm, 290 cm

Material composition:
•    100% PES
•    Polyester/cotton
•    Polyester/viscose
•    Polyester/acrylic

Weight: 170 - 300 g/m2
The fabrics are made by jacquard technology, the pattern is created according to the customer's requirements in our own design centre, or the customer can choose from the collection under offer.
Fabrics are finally treated by heat fixation.

2. Bedspreads
Final bedspread width: 142 cm, 152 cm, 285 cm
Bedspreads are produced as a finished product using special filler yarns which provide the bedspread with the required volume.

Material composition:
•    100% PES
•    Polyester/viscose
•    Polyester acrylic

Fabrics for bedspreads are delivered in rolls with a length of 20-40 m, according to the customer's requirements.
Fabrics are made by jacquard technology; the pattern can be selected either from the collection under offer or it can be specially created in our own design centre.
The bedspreads are designed for common daily covering of couches, beds and double beds.