Furniture Upholstery Fabrics Designed for the Production of Upholstered Furniture

Microtex a.s. company offers a wide range of upholstery fabrics designed for furniture upholstery.
Offered width of fabrics: 142 cm, 152 cm, 272 cm, 290 cm.

The fabrics are made by jacquard technology which has wide, variable options.
The fabric can be:
    - Smooth without a pattern
    - Structured or with small patterns
    - Large floral geometric patterns
    - Rustic patterns

The patterns are created in our own design centre, they can be adapted according to the requirements and ideas of the customer.
Pattern raports: 35 cm, 70 cm
The most common fabric weights: 200 g/m2 - 720 g/m2

Fabrics are divided into 4 basic groups:

1.    Chenille pile fabrics - the pile is created by plugging chenille yarn, most often:
•    Acrylic
•    Polyester
•    Viscose
•    Cotton

2.    Plush cut pile fabrics - the pile is created by cutting the woven yarn on jacquard cord looms, most often:
•    Acrylic
•    Viscose
•    Polyester

3.    Jacquard fabrics, smooth and structured - are created by weaving various types of yarn, in particular:
•    Fancy yarns - vs, ln, cot, PES, PAN
•    Flammé yarns - vs ln, PES
•    Cotton yarns
•    Blended yarns

4.    Fabrics for bed upholstery
Offered width: 142 cm, 152 cm, 272 cm, 290 cm. Bedspreads are also offered to accompany these fabrics.

Fabrics are delivered in rolls, wrapped in foil.
The most common lengths on the roll: 25 m, 40 m, 50 m

The company also offers final treatments of manufactured fabrics, namely
1. Standard
    - Heat fixation
    - Steaming
    - Reverse coating of fabrics
    - Tumbling
    - Complete plush treatments

2. Special
    - Anti-stain and water-repellent treatment
    - Polishing and singeing    
    - Anti-pilling treatment
    - Washing and softening
    - Non-flammable treatments according to various standards
    - Sanforization
    - Dyeing in one piece        
    - Fabric bleaching

Microtex a.s. company is one of the major manufacturers of household textiles with a wide range of uses. Thanks to universal technology we are able to offer an extremely wide range of products.