Offer of Fabrics for Car Seat Covers

Microtex a.s. company provides a wide range of fabrics for use in the automotive industry.

1.    Fabrics for replaceable covers
•    Material composition: 100% polyester
•    Final width: 142 cm or 152 cm
•    Weight: 250 - 380 g/m2
Fabrics can be monochromatic without a pattern or multicolour with a pattern according to the customer’s requirements. The patterns are created in our own design centre.
Fabrics can be provided including back lamination.

2.    Fabrics designed for the upholstery of vintage cars, seats of agricultural machines, or seats in the means of transport.
•    Material composition: 100% polyester made of multifilament fibres, or polyesters of woollen character
•    Final width: 142 cm, 152 cm
•    Fabric types:
    → with hair surface - plush character
    → woollen character
•    Fabrics are offered:
    → without reverse coating - Martindale test about 30,000 cycles
    → with reverse coating - approx. 90,000 cycles
•    Fabrics are either:
    → monochromatic with or without a pattern
    → multicoloured with or without a pattern
The pattern can be created according to the customer's requirements and created in own design centre.

3.    Fabrics made of 100% combed wool, intended for public transport- buses, trains, etc., are currently under development.
These fabrics will meet the requirements for non-flammability standards thanks to the materials used.
They can be monochromatic or multicoloured with a pattern that can be created according to the customer’s requirements.

Date of launch of this product: 2023