Microtex Microtex


All the mechanical and physical properties of newly developed fabric are tested and verified in cooperation with the state testing plant TZÚ Brno with international accreditation. In cooperation with the Swiss company of Huntsman Textile Effects, internationally valid certificates are issued for newly developed fabric.

MICROTEX company has gained the following certificates so far:

  1. TREVIRA CS - jit is permanent fireproof treatment for products made from 100 % fireproof polyester materials. It is the highest degree of fireproof treatment.
  2. Teflon - it is dirt resisting and water-repellent treatment achieved by additional treatment of polyester fabric.
  3. Semi-permanent fireproof treatment pursuant to DIN 4102 B2 - this treatment is achieved by additional chemical treatment of polyester fabric.
  4. Antibacterial treatment - it is achieved by special chemical treatment of polyester and poly-acrylic fabric.

The certification was carried out by the Swiss company Huntsman Textile Effects (c/o Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) GmbH).