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About the company

Microtex Company Inc. is located 35 km northwest from the second largest city of the Czech Republic – Brno in Lomnice u Tišnova, in a place where the textile industry has had a long tradition. Microtex Inc. is an exclusively Czech company; shareholders are two physical individuals with equal shares. The company ranks among the largest manufacturers of upholstery fabrics in the Czech Republic as well as among one of the largest exporters of these fabrics. 90% of the production has been exported mainly to European countries. The company's products guarantee a wide range of utilization for different types of upholstery accompanied by high quality, comfort and easy maintenance.

Microtex Company has its own development and design department which guarantees the fulfilment of all customers‘ wishes. It can manufacture the desired pattern according to the requirements for quality, design, colour and the desired material used. Thanks to our own finishing we can provide the fabrics with the desired final appearance, guarantee high quality and stability of products. In cooperation we provide various types of special treatments such as flame resistance, dirt resistance, water repellence and the like. Microtex Company has the most advanced, high-tech technology equipment for weaving preparation, weaving itself, fabric treatment and subsequent adjustment. Great emphasis is put on fast and flexible service, fast delivery tie as well as production of small series for medium and small customers. The collection of Microtex Company contains app. 2000 kinds of fabrics in a wide colour range as well as a wide range of quality.

Microtex company shareholders own two trading companies which are Microtex Polska in Poland and Microtex Slovakia in Slovakia.