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TASO Mlada Boleslav

A small sample of our long-term cooperation with the Czech company TASO Mladá Boleslav, our customer in the offer of Technical textiles - automotive textiles, non-flammable. The company TASO is an…

Custom production of historic vehicles

Custom production of original wove covering materials intended for the renovation of historic vehicles - the appearance and structure of the original textile - individual design and color solutions…

Renovation of old veterans

We are very pleased to be invated to restore very rare vintage cars for a long time. It was only a challange for us, but also an automative passion that could not be rejected and drove us into the…

Our customers



Interior of a restaurant in Brno

We were very pleased - the reciprocated interest of the owner of the restaurant Butchers in Brno. For the third time, we are collaborating with its architect to retrofit the restaurant's interior…

Cross section of our production

Our textiles have a wide range of uses. From furniture, shading materials, curtains, decorations, refurbishment of antique pieces to clothing textiles.

Decorative curtains

We produce decorative materials designed for curtains, in a luxurious and modern concept. The width of the fabrics is 140cm. The fabrics are without patterns, with a small pattern, geometric or…

Hotel in Beskydy

A very successful combination of Alma uni fabric & pattern for bedspreads, covers, cushion. Our fabrics in a luxurious newly renovated hotel, in the Beskydy Mountains, near Čeladná.