Decorative Curtains and Home Accessories

Microtex a.s. company offers fabrics for the making and production of decorative curtains and other home accessories.

1.    Decorative curtains - offered fabrics are made of 100% polyesters
Fabric width: 142 cm, 280 cm
Material composition: 100% polyester
Weight: 180 g/m2 - 260 g/m2

Fabrics are made either directly from dyed yarns or as ecru and are dyed in pieces.
It is possible to choose colours directly from the collection, or a colour can be created according to the customer's requirements.
Different types of treatments can be applied to fabrics
-    Anti-stain finish
-    Non-flammable
-    Antibacterial

The fabrics are made by jacquard technology, the choice of patterns can be either from the created collection or it can be created in own design centre in cooperation with the customer.

2.    Home accessories
Accessories are made of a wide range of fabrics, which are mostly designed for upholstery, or for the production of scarves and baby sling pouch carriers.
The most common fabrics include:
-    100% cotton
-    Chenille fabrics, textured or patterned
-    Smooth jacquard fabrics
-    Tapestry and rustic fabrics
The following home accessories are most often made from these fabrics:
-    Decorative pillowcases - dimensions:
    40 x 40 cm
    45 x 45 cm
    50 x 50 cm
Appropriate fillings (crushed foam, silicone or feathers) accompany these pillowcases.
-    Tablecloths mostly 100% cotton
-    Placemats 100% cotton
-    Decorative stoles for tables
      - 100% cotton
      - 100% polyester
-    Bedspreads width 142 cm, 152 cm, 280 cm
These are light bedspreads made of special bulky filler yarns, which provide the bedspreads with the necessary volume.

All fabrics for the offered home accessories are made by jacquard technology, it is possible to create a pattern, company logo or promotional slogan according to the customer's requirements.
The pattern is either directly woven on the loom during the production of the fabric or in the case of smaller motifs, it can be additionally embroidered on the product.
These accessories can be used as a suitable corporate gift, or they can serve as corporate promotional material.
They can also be used in the public sector as advertising tablecloths, placemats, pillows, etc.