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Decorative fabrics

Decorate your home, restaurant or hotel with our decorative fabrics. These lighter fabrics can be used to make decorative curtains, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths and serviettes. The selection of decorative fabric designs is wide. Be sure to find the right type for your interior, whether you are looking for monochromatic fabrics or floral or abstract designs.

Decorative fabrics can be offered in a width of 142 cm and even 280 cm wide. They are mainly made of 100% polyester or a combination of polyester, viscose and cotton yarns. Thanks to the final finishing they can get properties such as nonflammability, dirt resistance and water-repellence. In this category we offer a 100% polyester TREVIRA CS fabric. Invest in this high-quality fabric that will give every space a fresh touch.

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