Offer of Fabrics for the Production of Scarves and Sling Pouches for Carrying Babies

Microtex a.s. company offers fabrics made of 100% cotton designed for the production of sling pouches and scarves for babies, or the production of tablecloths and placemats.

Material composition:     100% combed cotton
Final width:                        142 cm or 152 cm
Weight:                               250 – 444 g/m2

Fabrics are produced mainly on single-colour or black warps, or multicolour warps of 2-7 colours.
The pattern is created according to the customer's requirements in our own design centre.

Finishing treatments are commonly applied to fabrics, the most common are:
•    Steaming and heat fixation
•    Tumbling and heat fixation
•    Washing, softening and heat fixation
•    Washing, sanforization and heat fixation