Outdoor Fabrics – Outdoor Use

Microtex a.s. company offers fabrics designed for use on outdoor furniture.
These fabrics are characterized in particular by high requirements for colour fastness and have other specific properties.

Fabrics are mainly used for
•    Garden furniture and decorations
•    Sunshades and solar screens
•    Outdoor cushions for - boats, yachts
•    Hotels, restaurants - outdoor furniture

Colour fastness is tested according to ISO 105-B04-7-8.

These fabrics are made from yarns based on Polypropylene (Olefin), with the trademark SUNOLE.

The use of Olefin has a number of advantages, in particular:
•    Specific density
•    High strength
•    The properties of the Olefin polymer are more flexible for
- non-flammability
- antibacterial needs
Consumption of Olefin-based fabrics has been increasing every year in the outdoor sector.

These fabrics are made by jacquard technology and are offered in the following basic widths:
•    142 cm
•    152 cm
•    280 cm
The pattern on the fabric can be created according to the customer's requirements in our own design centre.
The company logo or promotion text can be interwoven into the fabric.
The most common weight of fabrics ranges between 150-450 g/m2, depending on the material used and customer requirements.
The SUNOLE colour chart contains about 100 UNI colours and a large number of multi-colour ones.

SUNOLE yarns are readily available, so we can guarantee fast delivery dates.