New types of products

MICROTEX a.s. company has started a mass production of the latest innovative products. This production is based on the implementation of an innovative project co-financed by the European Union.

MICROTEX a.s. company has purchased a new technology that enables production of these innovative products and processing of new types of yarns. It is complemented by a new packaging machine for better adjustment. The main innovative products include:

1. Non-flammable Trevira CS fabrics intended for the use in health care

These fabrics are made of very fine polyester yarns labelled Trevira CS Bioactive. The fabrics are designed for the use in health care and for hospital equipment. The fabrics meet the strictest fire and hygiene standards. Flame retardancy is permanent and is not lost by long-term use, washing, maintenance and aging of the material.
The new technology makes it possible to produce fabrics in widths of 145 cm and 290 cm and thanks to this variability they have a wide range of use.



2. Stain-resistant and water-repellent upholstery fabrics

These fabrics are manufactured in widths of 145 cm and 290 cm, weighing from 160 to 500 g/m2.

Material composition can be adapted according to the customer's request, the most commonly used materials are polyester, acrylic, viscose and cotton.
This new technology allows the use of a wide range of materials from fine polyester silk to coarse chenille yarns.
The machines are also equipped with jacquard technology, it is possible to offer both plain textiles without pattern, small structured patterns as well as large jacquard patterns.
In cooperation with other subjects, a stain-resistant and water-repellent treatment which significantly reduces the risk of staining, has been developed for selected fabric collection.
Maintenance of fabrics is simple and gentle; it significantly extends the life of fabrics and increases comfort when using upholstered furniture.



3. Upholstery fabrics made of 100% cotton yarn

As part of the innovation process, 2 weaving machines have been modified to meet the requirements for the production of woven fabrics mainly from 100% cotton yarns.
These are mainly the following fabrics:
- Baby scarves and carriers
- Cotton fabrics made from combed cotton for special upholstery
The fabrics are made in a width of 140 cm or 150 cm, are offered in a rapport pattern of 70 or 75 cm. In the width of 140 cm, the rapport of patterns can also be 35 cm. The fabric pattern can be modified and designed according to the customer's wishes or designs. The processing is carried out by our own pattern design specialised workplace. We also offer cooperation in the provision of materials for the production of scarves and carriers, we arrange yarn dyeing, provide technical consultation and support in determining the parameters of these products.
We also offer a water-repellent and stain-resistant treatment of cotton fabrics for upholstery.



A new packaging machine has been purchased to improve the adjustment of these innovative products.