Non-flammable upholstery fabrics, TREVIRA CS fabrics

MICROTEX a.s. company offers a range of upholstery fabrics that meet the flame-retardant requirement according to the British BS 5852 Standard (Cigarette, Match). We offer two basic types of these fabrics:

1. Non-flammability has been achieved through additional chemical treatment
A special chemical is applied to the fabric to provide the required fire resistance. The fabrics are made of different types of yarns, polyester, acrylic, various assortment can be used. This flame retardancy is referred to as semi-permanent an it corresponds to the British BS 5852 Standard, Crib 1-2, flame retardant properties can be partially reduced by long-term use and maintenance.

2. TREVIRA CS fabrics
These fabrics meet the highest fire safety standards, no chemical treatment is required. Non-flammable properties are not lost even by long-term use, maintenance, washing or aging of the material.
The fabrics are made of 100% TREVIRA CS polyester fibres, when these fibres are directly enriched with an organophosphoric substance, which ensures this permanent fire resistance.
TREVIRA CS fabrics have wide range of use. They are designed especially for commercial premises busy with a large number of people, e.g. hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, cinemas, theatres, conference rooms, etc.
TREVIRA CS fabrics have a beneficial effect on ecology as they are less water demanding. Polyester is not toxic, does not release gases and it can be recycled.

Contact our MICROTEX a.s. company with your demand for both non-flammable semi-permanent and permanent fabrics.